Responsible Prospective Contractor

Phalanx is a current prime contractor to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), providing critical Medical PPE items in support of our nation’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. Likewise, Phalanx provides global logistics services to the U.S. Department of State (DOS) on the Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance (GATA II) and Special Program for Embassy Augmentation and Response (SPEAR) Programs.

Last year alone we provided logistics support on 672 tasks orders across 65 countries under the DOS GATA II and SPEAR Programs. Phalanx is a responsible prospective contractor per FAR Subpart 9.1.

Why Phalanx

Phalanx Group International provides its clients with unmatched expertise developing innovative, efficient and personalized management solutions from a seasoned staff with a superior track record of committed service to our clients.

In addition to working with International and US Government agencies, we’ve served political officials, high-profile celebrity clients, and Fortune 500 companies.

As a principal provider and proven leader in the government services sector, Phalanx’s management philosophy is simple: performance, transparency, and results are the key drivers in attaining and retaining premier clients.

  • Minority Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

    Phalanx Group International LLC. is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Women Owned Economically Disadvantaged Small Business (EDWOSB) located in Virginia Beach, VA. These advantages make Phalanx a valuable partner for government contracting and contract support teams.

  • Veteran Operated

    Being a veteran operated company comes with many obvious advantages such as mission focus, work ethic and a thorough understanding of what it means to be a true teaming partner.

  • Past Performance

    Confidence in a prospective contractor’s ability to perform satisfactorily or better is an important factor in making a best-value source selection decision. Phalanx has an exemplary record of past performance with all of its clients; just ask them.


Phalanx Group International is an established national-level critical infrastructure support and capacity building consulting firm. We are committed to developing a secure future for the world we live in through long-term collaborative relationships, education, training and mentorship. Our diversified team is drawn from a variety of disciplines which allows Phalanx to provide innovative and unique perspectives. We achieve success by working closely with our clients to develop strategies for risk mitigation, resources allocation, and operational efficiency.

Some of Our Clients

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