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At Phalanx, we work with clients to provide specialized security-based and training-based service solutions. With our headquarters located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and work locations worldwide, Phalanx provides growth opportunities for security professionals who share a commitment to teamwork, integrity, and service delivery.

What makes a company successful? At Phalanx, we think it’s the people. Are you ready to come boost your career? We’re looking for skilled, energetic people who are dedicated to helping us support our clients’ mission critical needs. We are actively seeking professionals with the desire to excel in a fast paced, global work environment; particularly those who operate best when professional expectations are high.


Phalanx Group is committed to hiring and promoting veterans and transitioning military. We are proud to partner with Vetlign to better support veteran job search and assist vets see exactly the right jobs for their skill sets and experience level. By clicking on the Vetlign logo and entering your military experience you will see jobs tailored to your experience.

IC and Federal LE

If you worked in the Intel Community or for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, you can click on Fedlign and simply use your USG position to see jobs tailored to your experience.

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