Our Approach

We look at the challenges and experiences of the supporting the governmental and private sectors, find deficiencies and develop solutions. We then strategically employ them to assist our clients in achieving measurable improvements.

With a mission and history rooted in an ambitious vision of creating better solutions in the area of security operations and training, Phalanx’s approach has always embraced more than giving cookie cutter pre-packaged solutions to achieve client goals. We use our resources to partner with and forge collaborations among institutions, agencies and decision makers to ensure mission success.

Our clients operate in increasingly complex environments. The challenge in this complex system is that not all risks can truly be known and therefore cannot really be ‘managed’. This leaves organizations vulnerable to major and even catastrophic events, resulting from a combination of seemingly innocuous non-conformances.

Phalanx approaches every client’s business as if it were our own. We have always been committed to results and will continue to raise the bar for the industry.

Our approach is to instill a different set of practices, behaviors, and discipline to keep the chain of events from occurring in the first place. To do this requires a new way of operating. Phalanx has helped our clients on that journey by identifying and mitigating sources of operational risk, transforming cultures via rigorous redesign and deployment of operational practices, and instilling the qualities of world class High-Reliability Organizations.


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Phalanx creates measurable impact in both government and private sector organizations, helping them attain strategic goals with greater predictability, less risk, and greater efficiency. Learn More >>


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