National and International Training Solutions

There are very few absolutes in mission planning. Adaptability is our best asset and can make the difference between success and failure in a mission. We understand this, and provide flexible, turnkey training solutions for all disciplines and situations.

When you work with Phalanx, you have access to a cadre of professionals who are not only subject matter experts in their field but are also certified trainers with decades of experience. Phalanx’s professional trainers have been through intensive Federal and Military instructor development training that focuses specifically on adult learning theory.

Not only do our instructors work stateside with military, law enforcement and commercial organizations, they also work overseas, consulting with and training foreign nationals, often through the help of interpreters, using simultaneous and consecutive translation.

We understand our clients require training outcomes that are specifically effective yet broadly applicable. We work diligently with our clients to create unique training programs tailored to meet their particular needs.

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Mobile Training Teams (MTT)

Phalanx specializes in Mobile Training Teams (MTT) for both the U.S. and host nations. Phalanx tailors its courses and curriculum development based specifically on your organizational training requirements. In most cases, MTTs are more cost advantageous to the client and provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and facility utilization.

Our MTTs can be conducted in either English or the host nation’s language using simultaneous or consecutive interpretation through vetted and security-cleared interpreters.

To ensure quality of instruction and curriculum, Phalanx uses an industry best practice 4-prong system to identify training resources and locations and to clarify training expectations, which is crucial in reconciling participant capabilities with course objectives. This ensures Phalanx properly tailors and delivers the exact course of instruction to best meet the training goals of your organization.

Expert Instruction

Our expert instructors will assess your team’s current capacity, retrain poor or inefficient methodologies, and teach your team the important technical skills needed to build a lifetime of learning – providing not only subject matter training, but also tools to help them stay current in their field over time. Phalanx has professionally trained instructors from both military and federal special operation units that have years of experience and enjoy teaching.

Curriculum Development

The curriculum is a crucial component of any educational process. It addresses questions such as what students should learn and be able to do, why, how, and how well. We incorporate adult learning theory into our entire development process, as we believe adult learners need direct, concrete experiences to solidify theory through application in real work. Phalanx does not just train your employees; it helps them develop their capacities as specialists, as practitioners and as decision-makers.

Course Design

Professional course design can have a large impact on how quickly participants master the learning curve for a new idea, theory or way of working. Phalanx offers a practical and innovative process that has been honed over time, and is proven to be effective in decreasing learning time and increasing long-term retention of material by participants.

Instructor Development

Our IDC courses focus on three different attributes: soft skills, hard skills and professional development. Our course is designed for instructors and training managers with responsibility for determining training needs, developing training programs, or overseeing agency training programs. Lecture, group discussion, and participant presentations are used to explore adult learning theory, Instructional System Design practices, communication and presentation skills, lesson development and planning, and other effective approaches to adult learning and education.


Phalanx encourages all kinds of mentoring in an organization, to share experience, develop skills and cultivate positive morale. Because of our belief in the value of this activity, we have developed a formal mentoring program for our client that expands its usefulness and organizational value beyond that of a single mentor-mentoree pairing. We will challenge your personnel to move beyond their comfort zone by creating a safe learning environment to take risks. Our mentoring program focuses on total development and will enhance both personal and professional growth. We will help your team achieve higher standards both individually and as a group – providing substantial assistance in succession planning, maintaining organizational memory and reaching organizational objectives.