Ensuring Mission Success

Operations planning, implementation, and continued oversight is the key to any successful venture and requires a broad spectrum of experience and expertise. Phalanx delivers rapidly deployable and scalable client-centric mission support solutions that are cost efficient and flexible. We are capable of supporting your organization’s needs with products and services that range from comprehensive program management and quality assurance to system integration, in any geographic location, throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Phalanx continues to build its array of mission support service offerings along with its reputation as a trusted partner in providing best-in-class services through focused, agile, integrated and reliable support.

Some of our mission support services include:

  • Air, Sea and Ground Transportation (Commercial, Charter, etc.)
  • Traveler Duty of Care
  • Lodging Solutions
  • Equipment Shipping and Storage
  • Venue Operations
  • Catering Solutions
  • Translation & Interpretation
  • Training and Program Management