Mitigating Risk

Phalanx Group International’s government contracting record = Experience & Integrity.

As a strategic training and operations company focused on the security sector, Phalanx works with organizations to help them make decisions that create immediate and lasting value. Since inception, we have had a measurable impact in both government and private sector organizations, helping them attain strategic goals with greater predictability, less risk, and greater efficiency.

Testimonial to the value Phalanx provides is the long-term relationship we have with our clients – many of whom we have worked with for years. We are a trusted partner to our clients, having received countless accolades over the years for our transparency and far-reaching impact. Phalanx has a practical yet original way of thinking and a hands-on, collaborative way of working that fosters trust and promotes interaction – ensuring not just the end results, but the process for achieving them, is appropriate for to the organization’s mission, mandate and values.

The individuals who challenge themselves everyday on the frontlines of security carry with them an immense responsibility. Phalanx stands ready to support them with a broad range of original, practical, and proven expertise to improve mission performance.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Phalanx will help your organization with the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in your current security operations. Once completed we will make actionable recommendations based on industry best practices and then guide you through the implementation of these recommendations to help reduce risk and improve your capacity to manage future incidents.

Facility Threat Assessments

Our facility threat assessment process considers threats that have the potential to individually or collectively affect one or more mission critical systems of a facility, thus providing a basis for priority assignments and resource allocations. Phalanx’s assessment methodology is comprehensive and addresses multiple threats against the complete suite of mission-critical systems allowing an organization to actively address security threats and mitigate risk.

Security Master Planning

Recently, security directors have been taking a hard look at their security programs and have found that developing and implementing master security plans is an excellent way to improve overall security. A SMP is an invaluable resource that provides a complete and comprehensive plan covering all aspects of security planning and requirements. Phalanx consultants can work with you to develop such a plan and provide a strategic overview while appreciating the technical details required when delivering a manageable and cost effective solution.

Security Policies & Procedures Development

Phalanx has developed a comprehensive security program focused on four key areas: workplace violence prevention, pre-employment background checks, access control and visitor screening, and we assist our clients to develop and document program policies and procedures so that the system, when implemented, is clear to all of those involved. The Phalanx training department can also provide training for key staff members to ensure that existing security policies and procedures are fully embedded within the organization.

Executive Threat Assessments

Phalanx security professionals have thorough understanding of all aspects of executive protection and have extensive experience in the field of personal protection. Having secured high net worth executives, rock stars, international figures and world leaders, we are adept at creating comprehensive security assessments and implementation plans to respond to any potential threat to our client.

External Security Audits

More than half the businesses in the United States do not have an effective security system, due either to a lack of knowledge or weak implementation. An external security audit is a valuable tool that can be tailored to meet an organization’s security requirements while helping ensure that security systems are adequate and effective. Phalanx security audits can also help organizations save money versus a traditional in-house approach.