Phalanx Group International

Phalanx Group International LLC. is a Minority Woman-Owned, Veteran operated small business located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We are a recognized leader in providing global critical infrastructure solutions, logistical support activities and risk analysis for both the U.S. government and commercial organizations. With a domestic and international footprint combined with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience, we can support our clients’ objectives in any environment across the globe.

These advantages make Phalanx Group International a valuable partner for government contracting and contract support teams.

  • Our People

    Our people come from many different environments, with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds, all bound by a shared passion for problem solving and a drive to have significant impact in the world. At Phalanx, our people represent both the proud history and the promising future of our company. Through our many years of operation, we have built a world-class team of business and service professionals whose dedication and expertise have made Phalanx a leader in the training and security industry. Whether it’s our consultants, our project managers or our leadership teams, we have a diverse workforce offering a wide range of skills.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    We are committed to becoming a recognized leader in responsible business conduct worldwide. Working with people across the globe, we understand that our responsibility as a global citizen begins with our own people and extends to communities around the world. Our sustained investment in responsible business practices takes many forms; from ethical governance to our focus on safety, the environment and giving back to the communities in which we work. We continuously strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers, employees and in the communities and environments where we live, work and play.

  • Leadership

    Leadership in Phalanx is not about rising above the rest, but rather helping other team members and clients to exceed their own expectations. Team members and consultants at Phalanx pursue this objective in many ways: by helping clients address their toughest challenges, developing ground-breaking knowledge, and being entrepreneurs. Phalanx aspires to help leaders realize their full potential, while recognizing that every leadership path is unique.

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